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The world of �A MUSTT' Educational Foundation has some answers:


Training | Consultancy | Research | Workshops | Concerts | Presentations | Lectures |  BRIDGING Arts & Politics | Arts & Business | Arts and Science

A MUSTT Foundation (A rts and M usic U plifting S ociety towards T ransformation and T olerance)

is an international NGO that encourages people�s awareness about the peace enhancing, transforming, communicative, educational and healing applications of music and the arts.

�A MUSTT� Foundation is for all sectors of society who would like to develop themselves further with and through the means of art. MUSTT stands for bridging the different worlds of arts and music into more fields such as politics, diplomacy, business and science. We like to stimulate especially these categories about using the arts in more functional ways. Arts is for instance a transforming, communicative and educational tool, which bridges new cultures and visions.

Furthermore, arts can be also used as a creativity and innovation tool. As most people are using only 5% of their brain capacity, we believe that with expressivity and arts training we can help people to increase their brain power substantialy. For this purpose we have developed a number of trainings for different target sectors(general public, business, political sectors, artists). One of our mottos is: �artists get off your island and learn to apply your skills in more integrated and social ways in society�.

Arts and Music are unique common internationally recognised languages between all different groups of our society and as such does not need any translation. With arts you can help people and organisations in ways that go beyond common comprehension.

�A MUSTT� has been recommended by UNESCO and the EC as an innovative and solid organization.

'A MUSTT� has prepared a European project implementing new innovative methods of teaching to which 21 conservatories and universities from 10 European countries have shown an interest.


a policy-making branch: interactive dialogue with decision makers in the music and arts industry as well as with politicians. Our purpose is to encourage better opportunities for musicians and artists in an interchangeable society.
a networking branch: art is an internationally recognised common language in the world and is a successful mediator tool for international projects which bring people with different backgrounds together.
an educational branch: our goal is to use our research and educate different groups in society with the latest innovative pedagogical methods.
a scientific branch:our research activities bridge music and arts in relation to other fields in society such as arts and medicine, arts and business, arts and psychology and arts and business.
inventions: we stimulate innovative musical and arts related products with an added functional and social value.
training: our team provides training to individuals as well as organizations, companies etc.
For the Private sector: Enrich your life and thinking through the arts
For the public sector

        diplomacy:�art as a peace tool�

        conference scene: �arts as an internationally recognised common language�

        artistic branch: "art expression as a part of decision making processes�

        business scene: �art as a stimulator for innovation�

Mediating and reporting branch being in an interactive dialogue with different decision makers about arts and education.

The �AMUSTT� has been founded by the well-known violinist Milena Djekova who is on the list of the five most famous Bulgarians of this century (EC list on Bulgaria).



and ARTS, EXPRESSION AND CREATIVITY an absolute �MUSTT� in life  and �FORWARD EVOLUTION�!  quote M.Djekova


Our current projects :


It is �A MUSTT� for us to make many sectors in society much more aware of the huge benefits arts can have in our lives. We not only concentrate on the public at large but also on sectors of societies, which are not yet fully exploring nor benefiting from the potential arts can bring. We specifically target the business, political, scientific and educational scenes in our projects:


-        European Lifelong E-learning for Music and Arts (ELEMA): our e-learning modules cover : * business skills for artists and * new opportunities for employment for artists/students in existing and emerging industries: empowerment of women in the arts business. More than 20 institutes (conservatories, music umbrella organization, etc) of 10 European countries have agreed to collaborate with ELEMA.

-         European Platform for the Support of the Arts and Music Sector (EPSAM): creates an interactive platform between different sectors in society to stimulate more interactions between �arts & business�, �arts & science�, �arts and politics�, �arts & education�, through collaborations, training and lectures/workshops.

-         Collaboration and organization of concerts and lectures in private or public places in Belgium or abroad.

-     Creation of  �the school of the future� for European talented children whom are deprived or less privileged (handicapped, ill, orphanages) and deserve to receive a chance to make the best out of their lives with specific training and support. This is why Milena Djekova Alexander, well-known violinist and speaker, has spent a very extensive amount of  her energy, time, money and expertise into the creation and running of the foundation.


What we can give and what we are looking for?

Please check out our attachment + for our products : CD�s, CD�roms, DVD�s.


On one hand, we would be delighted to assist you, your organization or institution fulfilling professional goals with the use of music and the arts.

On the other hand, A MUSTT Foundation, recently based in Brussels, is now looking for partners with professional and financial resources to develop the projects further and to make findings and policy recommendations available to decision makers and the interested public.


Being a member of A MUSTT Foundation:

  • as a friend:       � 50, - /year. (as private person)
  • as a partner:    � 500, -/year (as associative)
  • � 750, -/year (as a business/company)
  • � 1000, -/year (as a platinum partner)

All members receive 15% discount on 3 products or services/year,  a Newsletter 4 times a year.


Partners will be mentioned on our website and can profit from name-exposure on brochures/products and at concerts/lectures workshops etc. The amount of exposure and free tickets depend on the partnership you choose.


We can design cathedrals but we cannot build them alone and therefore we need your support!

Please download the registration form and fax it back to 0032 2 241.49.90.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !!!


A MUSTT Foundation

Non-profit organization



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Training packages programmes offered by

the A MUSTT Educational Foundation


the Music and Arts industry


I.  Training and Consultancy Packages for:


1.      Innovation strategies for Arts/Record Companies and Arts-industry related sectors. Creating awareness about new opportunities, new market niches and new product development.                                                                                    

2.      Music/Arts Managers, opening up a new and wider perspective. Introducing a package to optimise artist�s development, guidance management and coaching, finding new audiences and new packaging approaches.

3.   Paradigm shifts for Educational Institutes relating to Arts and Music. To introduce the newest training methods and provide international business skills to artists. Bridging industry with education.

4.  Advanced program called �Train the Trainers�.

To train the music and arts educators with advanced pedagogical methods.


II. Training Packages for artists/musicians/professors/students:


1.      �Techniques de presence/Perfomance strategies�

a.       Exercises imported from the acting world tailor-made for the music world e.g.

b.      Breathing, body awareness techniques, stage techniques, public awareness techniques,�

2.      �Essential business tools for musicians and artists�

a.       How to prepare oneself for the global market and the importance of expanding your international know-how.

b.      Business aspects : PR and marketing techniques

c.       Practical issues : festivals, conferences, books to be aware of.

d.      Finding agents, managers, promoters

e.       The importance of umbrella organisations.

3.      �The functional aspects of arts�

         Arts as a tool for communication, peace, education, healing, innovation,creativity.

4.      �Improvisation techniques for students and teachers�

        How to  explore your instrument, body, voice and allow improvisation to guide your


5.      �How to create a bridge between different music styles and stimulate multi-art performances and product development�

A demonstration of new possibilities with integrating different music styles, bridging  acoustic and electronic instruments. Furthermore integrating art disciplines and different means of communicating your art through the integration of new media & technologies (multi-media, e-commerce, dvd�s, world-wide interactive concerts and presentations via the web, etc).