A MUSTT- Arts and Media Uplifting Society towards Transformation and Tolerance

Miss Djekova is only working part time due to some health issues.
You can click on the different tabs to see what miss Djekova has been doing in the past and for questions you can send an email to milena.worldmissions@gmail.com

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  The "A MUSTT"  Foundation (Arts and Media Uplifting Society towards  

  Transformation and Tolerance) is an international organization which

  stimulates peopleÂ’s awareness about the peace enhancing,  transforming,

  communicative, educational and healing powers of music.


  A MUSTT provides Consultancy, gives interactive and innovative

  Workshops, Training, Presentations/ Lectures/ Multi-media Concerts and

  Awareness Programmes.



  •   Milena Alexander is currently working on more research for her newest books and CDs,dvds and CD ROMS. If you like to order any of the former cds or articles, please get in touch with us.
  • June 2004: Milena Djekova has been selected by the European Commission ( in 14 of the official languages) as one of the five most famous Bulgarians of this century and the only woman. Milena Djekova is also known as Milena Djekova and Milena Alexander.
  • June 2004: Attended a training course on Serious Creativity on special invitation of Dr. De Bono (World expert on lateral thinking) at The Management Center of Europe- Brussels. Milena will use the lateral thinking methods for international leadership and female leadership trainings and creativity methods for the Music and Media industry.
  • April 2004: TV Brussels International made a reportage about Milena Alexander and the A MUSTT Foundation. Watch the program online!
  • March 2004: Created the Awareness Workshop Concert Tour in which a scenario of the future is translated through music, images, words and multi-media in an innovative way 
  • March 2004: Invited as a NGO at the MBA Career Day of the Solvay Business School.
  • March 2004: Creation of the European Platform for the Support of the Arts and Media Sector (EPSAM) and the International Platform for the Support of the Arts and Media Sector (IPSAM)
  • March 2004: Journalist National Radio Bulgaria at the European Business Summit
  • February 2004: Contributor EBBF (European Business Bahai Forum)
  • January 2004: Journalist National Radio Bulgaria at Groningen Noorderslag
  • January 2004: invited as a NGO by the European Commission at the ADEK Department  

  • December 2003: Miljonairs Fair, Amsterdam, worked as a journalist for the national Bulgarian Radio
  • December 2003: Journalist National Radio Bulgaria at the International Venture Capital Summit in Monaco
  • December 2003: Journalist National Radio Bulgaria at the Monte Carlo Business Angels Forum
  • December 2003: Journalist National Radio Bulgaria at the Next Generation Entrepreneur Forum in Monaco
  • December 2003: Invited at Monaco Investor's week under the high patronage of Prince Albert
  • October 2003: Germany, presented ‘art as a tool for peaceÂ’ at the world conference of Gorbatchev
  • August 2003: USA – Conference on Thinking, main performer and speaker/trainer during 1week
  • May 2003: motivational opening speech and performance at Bulgarian embassy
  • March 2003: Our ELEM project (European Lifelong E-learning for the Music and Media sector) was selected by the European commission in the second stage of Leonardo. Book on the subject prepared (350 pages). 21 conservatories from 10 european countries are involved.
  • January 2003: Live concert and peace message at Concertgebouw Amsterdan for 3000 people at Microsoft Concert
  • December 2002: Spoke as a peace messenger and perforned for president Clinton in Rotterdam.

Founder Milena Alexander with Bulgarian Ex-Vice President

Music and Media for Uplifting of Society towards Transformation & Tolerance

Music and Media is a unique universal language in the world. Music and Media is interwoven into absolutely every aspect of our lives and yet we can all be made more conscious of how it can bring benefits to us in ways we had never before imagined. A MUSTT is about demonstrating the power of Music and Media to the public at large and about awakening new fields of applications of music.


The A MUSTT Foundation is focused on the added value of Music and Media in society.





The A MUSTT Music and Media Foundation and EPSAM are currently the most extensive platforms of bringing awareness about the bridging of arts into other sectors of society.  Many areas have been looked at in our research in order to prove that arts can mean so much more than merely being used as an entertainment tool, which is too often the case.  One of our aims is to encourage the politicians to re-evaluate the roles and benefits of arts as necessary tools for our development as a human species.


Furthurmore our current core aims are to:


• Enhance people’s awareness about the transforming, communicative, educational and healing power of music.


• Create new products and services to help people to benefit from the huge potential of Music and Media in more areas of life and to encourage the integration of Music and Media into more fields of society such as science, politics, diplomacy, business and so on.


• Develop innovative, creative and self-development tools based on Music and Media to be used by the corporate and management sectors.


• Encourage  musicians to participate and integrate more actively with Music and Media in society.


• Bring Music and Media to unusual and non-traditional places with  internationally renowned and famous artists to perform in places in the world where Music and Media can be used as a tool for peace and conflict resolution.


A MUSTT - The Rendez-vous with Paradigm Shift Management (PSM)


The world is currently in the middle of a paradigm shift, as it was 500 years ago. A paradigm shift is a dramatic change of world view that gives new perspectives and helps to enter new markets, and deal in new ways with services that correspond to different needs of current and future customers. This shift is to do with thinking and acting “out of the box”.


Paradigm Shift Management moves attitudes from win-lose competition towards a win-win mode of operation, from fear-based thinking towards inclusive thinking.


The founder of A MUSTT, Milena Alexander, a multi-talented musician and writer went to some of the best business managers in the world. They managed large projects in different continents, dealt with waves of change-management initiatives, and were closely involved in cultural management, strategy, leadership issues and alternative economic models.

The synergetic result of this co-operation is a driving force behind Paradigm Shift Management (PSM).


A MUSTT is actively involved in the field of PSM and is one of the pioneering spirits in this PSM-movement. The smartest innovation tool in life is to learn how to apply success formulae from other fields into your own sphere of influence. PSM is about re-inventing the industry and integrating traditionalist methods into innovative methods. In the emerging reality Music and Media has a leading innovation role. The potential of such a Music and Media industry with real innovative management in tune with the ‘Zeitgeist’ is just awesome.



A MUSTT Educational Projects


The creation of new educational/training tools and presents them in the forms of workshops/training, books, video materials and master classes.


The development of a new educational and thinking system which will result in schools for non-privileged multitalented youngsters in order to give them a supportive infrastructure, facilities and training for their further development.


As an international organisation we would like to establish the schools in places where it is needed most - Bulgaria being our first project. The school seeks to be a “School of the Future translated into the Present” and in which multi-talent development is the common and central theme.


A MUSTT Music and Media Foundation is looking for:
  1. A highly qualified  FUNDRAISER with commercial feeling and expertise
  3. VOLUNTEERS and INTERNS for our ongoing projects. Currently we're working  on "Arts in Business', 'Arts in Politics' and 'Arts in Science'.



   We are often having internship opportunities available with the following profile.  Teamplayers with strong orgnizational and communication skills,computer literate and with excellent English writing skills. In particular people with the following backgrounds are welcome.


  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business and Strategic Management
  • Music/Cultural  Management
  • Journalism (TV, radio and magazines)
  • Medical Specialists Researching Music and Media and Wellbeing
  • Creative people for Graphic Design (logo, cartoons, film, website, etc.)
  • Book editing
  • Translations (Fr, Nl, Ge)
  • General administrative support
  • Office Management