MUSTT Advisory Services - The Bridge to a Different Future


The work of the MUSTT Foundation currently includes the following areas:


For the whole music industry.


• For the world of decision-making (politics, business, diplomacy etc.) to bring specially designed music as a tool for stimulating innovative, lateral and creative thinking in order to enlarge the fields of tolerance and communicative processes.


For the management and business world using creative tools such as music as a source of innovation and imagination.


In the fields of education, developing the awareness that certain kinds of music are a positive stimulator of higher brain functions such as concentration, motivation, co-ordination and memory.



MUSTT and the Music World- A Synergy through a Win/Win Situation


The MUSTT Foundation wishes to offer its services through its advisory arm, which is composed of a team of consultants and managers wishing to share their knowledge in training and education with the music world. The advisory arm is regularly in dialogue with several international and governmental organisations.


Support for the core of the Music Industry

Encourage music organizations to re-invent and re-package their services/products in order to create new niches and markets.

  1. To stimulate the interface between classical music and commercial music styles in order to cross-pollinate artistic products and services.
  2. To help companies to identify and resolve the business culture issues that hamper success. 
  3.  To increase awareness about customer loyalties and help identify new audiences.
  4.  To mediate for international projects and provide a large international networking service.
  5.  To encourage multi art projects.
  6.  To offer branding services

To Whom in the music industry does the work of the MUSTT Foundation apply ?

Decision makers, international cultural and business organisations, music professionals such as promoters, theatre and concert hall directors, conservatories, musicians, impresarios, recording companies and all related to the music industry.

How does the Foundation operate ?

The Foundation undertakes national and international assignments on a project basis, and draws upon the expertise of top-notch specialists.

Training music for professionals/students/institutes

  1. To offer new and alternative kinds of training: eg integration of traditional music practices with the newest pedagogical approaches.
  2. To teach new views on local and international music industry business practices.
  3. To provide PR and marketing training programmes to students and musicians.
  4. To help to identify new opportunities for employment for musicians/students in  existing  and emerging industries.
  5. To stimulate interactive training programmes between different departments at conservatories.
  6. To introduce classical musicians to some of the tools used in the pop industry such as how to create and keep a fan base.

Creative policy making

Mediating between international decision-makers and the music world and being an independent reporter/overviewer.

Scientific projects

To research the beneficial workings of music for brain integration,healing, concentration and general well-being.

Creative conceptual design

To design, develop and implement new concepts for the music industry.

• To use multi-media and the latest technology to create new products and services for music professionals.

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